February 2, 2021

I went to quite a lot of speakers who spoke about awareness

and I never had a clue what they were on about. Ever. I used to be listening to them and be like, "Right?!" Whatever they’re talking about, this awareness thing? What on earth are they talking about?"  

That's not changed. That's not changed in 15 years of seeking. I bought loads of books on pure consciousness,  total awareness, levels of awareness, deeper awareness -  more fucking bloody awareness.  

Another thing about awareness and consciousness is that they can get purer and deeper, more and more purity, greater  and greater depth. “I need to go deeper, it’s not deep enough”.  

Well, go and be a bloody nun or a monk if you want to be pure. That's nothing to do with what we're talking about -  purity my arse.  

Go and get as dirty as possible.  

That is my suggestion.

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