I fear loss

December 1, 2020

I am is full of fear ...

I fear loss.

The loss of all that'smine.

I fear the loss of my self above all else.

But I also fear the ..

Loss of what I have,

Loss of what I've gained,

Loss of what I say I am,

Loss of my abilities,

Loss of my youth,

Loss of my power,

Loss of my relationships,

Loss of my loved ones,

Loss of my independence,

Loss of what I'm proud of,

The loss of all that I am.

What if none of these were ever mine?

What if there is no me to lose these,

Or to have them in the first place?


Then there would really be nothing to lose,

And no one to lose anything.

The truth is ... (this is just another story)

There's nothing to lose

And no one to lose anything,

Or have anything that could be lost.

That's the freedom that we can call liberation.

Freedom from the fear of losing all I am.

Feedom from the fear of death.

Freedom from "I am".

That's the freedom ..

... of nothing to lose.




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