It's okay to feel not okay

December 1, 2020

The words don't matter,

but the peace

and okayness

that is naturally always present

is simply the non appearance

of me saying something isn't okay.



This all pervading 'okayness'..

life is okay

even when it's not okay.

There is such a peace and freedom in

"it's okay to not feel okay."



The 'resolution' to your problem,

is that there is no resolution,

but none is necessary,

as you are the seeming source

of your problems,

and you're simply not.



I know it makes no sense!

None at all.

And I would never have believed

how wonderfully okay it is

to be perfectly okay with that.



It's so hard toexpress the loss of everything

I had called mine,

including myself.

The seeming loss of everything I thought I had

along with everything I thought I knew.

And then to say that this loss is so okay,

More than okay.

This all pervading okayness.

It's not at all what I wanted.



It's hard to express

just how okay

'bad habits' are

when they're not mine.


The peace that passes all understanding

is that life is okay,

even when it's not okay.

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