My Death

February 14, 2021

Death can only be imagined,

never experienced.

Imagining my own absence

Is as imaginary as my own presence.

There really is no one to die.


 I so fear my own end.

My non existence

My death.

I am the ilusion

Of my continuity.

It is unimaginable

That I will end

My death is unthinkably terrifying

to me.

That fear underlies most

if not all of my motivation.

There is really nothing to fear

As there really is no one

To die.

I don't live

And I don't die.

Just life

This complete

And wonderfully






 Beliefs about reincarnation,

or an after life,

are simply redundant

if it is obvious that

there is no before

or after life.

Life is everything and nothing.

There is no one having this life

so the whole idea of reincarnation

or life after death

becomes a mute point.


"Life is alwaysbeing born ..

... and always dying..

... simultaneously...

There is no separation

between birth and death ..

... and in that

there is neither."


There is nothing and

no one

to liberate.

The motivation to be free

of myself

inevitably seems to come from me,

but in the absence of me

there is no one to know this absence ...

and it's clear

that nothing is absent

and nothing has been lost

and no one died. 

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