Real and unreal

December 31, 2020

The seeming objective reality of the world

is a symptom of my own reality as me.

I am real.. a real subject ...

and so everything else is real ..

and separate from me ..

everything else is in relation to me.

That separation is the illusion.

In theabsence of that illusory separation

it's not that the world becomes unreal ..

it's that there is no longer any separation

between real and unreal ...

everything ..

sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts, emotions, actions ...

are all both real (seem to be happening)

and unreal (not really happening) ..

and even more paradoxically

it's obvious that everything

(thatseems to be happening)

is neither real or unreal.

Reality and Unreality are not two!

What this is equally isn't.

I know that's not helpful,

and that you really want to know

what's real and what's not,

but as incredible as it may sound,

not knowing is much more beautiful than knowing. 

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