January 20, 2021

Relationship is the basis of my life ..

I am is always in relationship

to everyone ..

and everything else.

That's the illusion of separation,

The illusion of relationship,

The illusion of relativity,

The illusion of time,

The illusion of space between things,

The illusion of things,

The illusion of continuity.

That's the illusion.

The illusory reality of me and you.

The illusion is that ..

Relativity exists

Because I exist,

That relativity is real

Because I am is real,

That time is real

Because I am real,

That you are real

Because I am real,

That the space between you and me exists

Because you and I exist as separate selves.

Without me life has no basis.

Without me there are no relationships.

There is no ground to life,

no point to life,

no purpose to life ...

other than life.

Just Life,

Completely as it is ..




Emptiness full of love. 

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