December 31, 2020

I'm waiting ...

I'm waiting to be sure,

I'm waiting until I know.

I'm waiting to fully understand.

I'm waiting until I'm ready,

Waiting for the right time.

Waiting to know wholeness,

Waiting until I feel whole.

I'm waiting to be fully healed,

Waiting until I'm well.

I'm waiting for completion,

Waiting for oneness.

I'm waiting for the illusion to die,

Waiting for reality.

I'm waiting for the truth,

Waiting until I know the truth.

I'm waiting to be free,

Waiting for liberation.

I'm waiting for the light,

Waiting for enlightenment.

I'm waiting for the veil to lift,

Waiting for clarity.

I'm waiting ..

I can't help it,

I'm not ready,

It's what I do.


What is is never not here ..

just seemingly overlooked

in the looking for more ..

or less

than this.


You won't find it.

No, really, ...

this is already fully complete.

There is nothing to be found. 



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