You can't know what you are

June 25, 2021

You can't know what you are..

.. to do that you would have to be seperate from what you are.

You can only be what you are

and you are already being that.

There really is no separate 'you'.

What 'you' are is being ..

being what you are,

being human ..

human being ..

totally unique

and yet simply being.

What you are

is not a separate being ...

just being ...

not seperate

from being what is.

There is only what is.

I don't know this ...

this can't be known.

This is already completely known

Without any knower.

All knowing what,or how, or why

is the illusion of separation,

the illusion of knowing I am.

.. even that is simply being too.

This is all being.

Being is all,

and nothing at all.

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