Your Story

July 7, 2021

If your story, (my story), what you've called the story of your life, becomes just another story, or is seen to be just what it is, which is a STORY of my life... NOT my life. Then the story is liberated. The story is free. It's freed from my need to make it better. It's freed from the weight that I gave it, the huge significance that I place on my life.

And this message is very much in contrast to what we've been taught and how we've been conditioned as human beings to see my life as very, very significant.

The utter insignificance of my life IS the liberation that's sought. Every life, every human beings story is then of equal significance, in it's insignificance. And in that, again really paradoxically, there's great love and compassion in the absolute equality of every human being's story.

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