Tim Cliss Nonduality Meeting 23rd November 2023

November 23, 2023
#awakening #completeness #emptiness #justthis #liberation #nondual #nonduality #wholeness #unconditionallove I doesn't Want this, I doesn't Want this Love. I wants Security, Promises, Guarantees. I wants A love That's safe, A love Where I Know Where I stand. This love Isn't interested In what I want, This love Doesn't Recognise me At all. This love Is totally free, Utterly wild, Without inhibition, Without care, Completely Vulnerable, Naked, Raw. No, This Is not The love I ever wanted, How could It be! This love Is regardless Of how I want it to be! This Is the love That is Without conditions, That's all Conditions. This is not What I meant By love. This Savagely Incomprehensible Unconditional love.
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